2014 Grassroots Fundraising

Huck Cancer

Huck Cancer 5: Keep the Dream Alive!

The 5th annual Huck Cancer Ultimate Frisbee Tournament will take place on March 1, 2014, in San Francisco, CA. You know you want to play, so...

Join our team, play in the tournament, and spread the word to family and friends by becoming a team member and ambassador in the fight against cancer.

You can make a donation on this page. Scroll down to find your favorite player or donate to the Huck Cancer team.

Huck Cancer kicked off its first event in March 2010. It is held every March in San Francisco in honor of Eric Arons, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009. Eric and his family chronicled his journey on his blog 42 Staples. No matter what he did (physics, ultimate, kayaking, camping, bicycling, music, or community activism), Eric's generous spirit touched everyone around him. We're all better for having known him.

For information about what LIVESTRONG does, please visit the What We Do page. To get help from LIVESTRONG for you or a loved one, please visit the We Can Help page. 

Huck Cancer Raised
Milestone Erin Hartman $4,415.00
Carmen Ausserer $50.00
Milestone Wendy Becktold $1,025.00
Milestone Bryan Bennett $100.00
Scott Bergen $25.00
Milestone Liz Berliant $206.00
Milestone Daniel Boothe $208.00
Milestone kyle boswell $175.00
Milestone Hy Carrel $740.00
Milestone Laura Carstensen $150.00
William Chaney $50.00
Jimmy Chen $50.00
Milestone jeffrey chiu $1,240.00
Jeffrey Cohen $50.00
Monica Connor $0.00
Milestone kari deleeuw $319.00
Amy Dickie $75.00
dulcy docken $50.00
Milestone Dan Dzoan $410.00
Geoff Facer $0.00
Milestone Alex Forman $1,275.00
Milestone renata foucre $375.00
Jannon Frank $50.00
Lindsey Fransen $50.00
Milestone Sara Gabrielson $440.00
Milestone Katherine Ganim $125.00
Jim Gerencser $25.00
dan girellini $50.00
Jon Greenberg $50.00
Milestone Emily Hahn $520.00
Rob Howard $50.00
Milestone Vance Howard $100.00
Daniel Hranj $50.00
John Josling $50.00
Milestone Hannah Kelley-Bell $115.00
David Kenney $0.00
Brian Kornobis $0.00
David Kroodsma $50.00
Milestone Stephen LaBonge $1,763.00
Alex Lai $55.00
Kristen LeFevre $50.00
Milestone Rachel Lesser $200.00
Eli Levenson-Falk $50.00
Michael Levy $50.00
Sheena Madan $50.00
Milestone Nick Maher $400.00
Milestone Lena Makaroun $310.00
Phil Mantel $0.00
Milestone lawrence mckendell $100.00
Milestone Eli Menaker $405.01
Milestone Brian Myers $1,000.00
Todd Myers $50.00
Yaju Nagaonkar $0.00
Milestone Riley O'Neill $100.00
Milestone Maggie Ostdahl $240.00
Jennifer Overholt $50.00
Milestone David Paculdo $200.00
Milestone Anthony Panozzo $100.00
Trung Pham $90.00
Milestone David Pistrang $315.00
Erica Pool $50.00
Milestone kendrick poon $235.00
Chris Popeney $50.00
martin porcelli $50.00
Milestone Daniel Quinlan $510.00
Milestone Hadley Robinson $275.00
Milestone John Rosapepe $340.00
Milestone emily rosenberg $1,000.00
bret schenewerk $50.00
Milestone Jason Seidler $1,300.00
Alan Sheppard $50.00
Milestone Colin Sjostedt $1,334.88
Milestone Jessica Smith $150.00
Milestone Jeffrey Sobolow $1,060.00
Milestone Robert Sostak $1,100.00
Milestone Lindsey Stratton $100.00
Hengki Suwandi $75.00
Amelia Tajik $50.00
Milestone Lisa Taw $240.00
Chris Thomas $50.00
Milestone Ai Tran $150.00
Milestone Steven Tran $205.01
Milestone Georgia Valentine $350.00
Milestone michael vladimer $105.00
Toby Waite $84.82
Milestone Ean Warren $365.00
ginger wong $0.00
Minnie Wong $0.00
Milestone patrick wong $210.00
Leslie Wu $0.00
Greg Yachuk $50.00
teddy yeh $0.00
Team Gifts $1,158.60
Denotes a Team Captain