Erin Hartman's Huck Cancer 2014 Fundraising Page

Let's do it again! Huck Cancer 5 takes place on March 1, 2014. Please join me in contributing to LIVESTRONG through the Huck Cancer team. 

I've been helping and participating in this event since its inception (way back at the Fall 2009 SF Rec League party). It started as a way to support Eric and our friends, and has been important to me to honor and remember my loved ones who've been affected by cancer. But it has become much more. My life is forever better for having known Eric, and I'm not sure where I'd be without this group of friends through Huck Cancer.

In October 2013, Huck Cancer received the Top Grassroots Fundraiser Award, and we went to Austin to accept it and participate in the Ride for the Roses! It was an amazing experience to meet other people from around the country who do what we do--rally together to help those with cancer. At the event, we also met cancer survivors who were so moved by the help LIVESTRONG gave them that they too decided to raise money for LIVESTRONG and help others. It meant so much for me to be there, and the experience gave me courage to make some tough decisions about my own health and future. 

Please support me as I make a difference in the cancer fight through my participation with LIVESTRONG. Thank you!