Bad Craziness-200 miles in an 8 foot box boat.

 My wife Kathy and I are both cancer survivors. Kathy was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer in May 1999, and I had my turn in the fall of 2008, when I was told that I had tongue cancer. I had followed the 2008 Texas 200 online and in the sailing press, and had decided before my treatment began that my first big goal after it was over would be to participate in the 2009 event. Planning the trip gave me something to look forward to during the 9 months of surgery, radiation treatments, and recovery. My brother-in-law and I completed the 2009 Texas 200 just 128 days after my treatment ended, and I have finished every Texas 200 since, five in all. This year, as part of the Texas 200 Ducks Team, I will sail in memory of those who have fought cancer, and in honor of those who are still fighting.

The boat I'll be sailing, the ECDuck, has a line down the center of her deck and is labeled "In Honor Of" on one side and "In Memory Of" on the other. ECDuck will be taken to various cancer fundraising and sailing events between now and June with the goal of covering the entire boat with names by the start of the Texas 200. If you will be in the Beaumont, Texas area at any time between now and June, and would like to personally write the name of a friend or family member on ECDuck, email me at and I'll arrange for you to have the opportunity to do that. If you have no chance of coming to Beaumont to add the name yourself, email it to me, and my wife Kathy (who has better handwriting) will add them for you.The money I raise will go to support programs and services for cancer survivors.  If you or someone you know is diagnosed, these resources will help you face the challenges of cancer, head on, and live life on your own terms.

Please support me as I make a difference in the cancer fight through my participation with the Foundation.  Thank you!