Welcome to My Personal Page

Why am I riding in the LIVESTRONG Challenge in Austin?  I am riding for many reasons.  First, LIVESTRONG is an amazing organization.  They don't just help people with a certain type of cancer, they help all people with any type of cancer. Second, as a survivor I am riding to raise money so that more people can be helped by this organization.  I am so grateful and lucky to be as healthy as I am.  So many after being treated are not that lucky.  They either don't make it or they live with terrible life long issues. 

So, for them and me I am taking on this challenge.  For those of you who know me well know that this is not something I would typically do.  I set this challenge for myself and I will do it. These are the reasons I ride.

Please support me as I make a difference in the fight against cancer. 

We may not all live in the same city or participate in the same sport but as a part of Team LIVESTRONG we're united by hope, courage and determination. The money I raise will support the LIVESTRONG Foundation's programs and services that help people face the challenges of cancer, head on, and live life on their own terms. Learn more at LIVESTRONG.org/GetHelp.