Support my Survivor Summit (please!)

     In 2001, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I was in the best shape of my life, only concerned with athletic events and my television career and other things that suddenly seemed trivial. After months of surgery, two rounds of chemotherapy, and a clinical trial, I became a Survivor. I never meant to become an advocate for the cancer community or Livestrong. Then a woman asked me why I got to live and her sister had to die, and a light bulb went off. It's still burning. This is what survivors do: Help others become survivors.

   Then, it happened again. On September 11 (!) I had surgery to remove a stage II Thymic Carcinoma. It's a rare and aggressive cancer that was found early only because I get regular MRI's post-breast cancer surgery. My 2001 cancer saved me from more horrors for my 2013 cancer. Radiation and chemo are next. I don't wonder why this happened to me again. I am even more committed to helping Livestrong help others who don't have the resources I have to get well again.

For 12 years, i have raised money and support for Livestrong, mostly through Ride for the Roses, a 100 mile bike ride through the hills around Austin. This year, I am taking on a much bigger challenge and I'm hoping for your support for this adventure as well. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro will be a huge physical and symbolic challenge and an experience far out of the box for me. I can't wait. That it supports the foundation that helps so many people conquer their biggest challenge, cancer, is appropriate and perfect. 

  I will be part of a group that launches on this trip of a lifetime on February 8. I will have amazing guides, appropriate gear and clothing, and friends to make the hike. I promise I'll have the fitness and stubbornness to get to the summit. What I need from you is dollars that will support Livestrong and help carry me up the mountain. Feel free to give twice as much, since cancer has now hammered me twice. But really, any size donation is appreciated and will go to good use. 

 Thanks in Advance!