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LIVESTRONG has developed a series of culturally relevant, user friendly brochures on cancer survivorship. You can receive free copies of these materials to distribute to cancer survivors and their loved ones by completing the order form below.

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*Orders are limited to 100 copies of each brochure [1,300 brochures total] for orders placed within the United States and a total number of 75 brochures requested internationally. Due to demand, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the amount of materials requested, however, we will inform you if your request cannot be met.

The Road to Survivorship
(Multicultural for all audiences)

You are a Survivor
(African American)

Voices of Strength
(American Indian / Alaska Native)

What's Next?
(Hispanic / Latino in English)

¿Y ahora qué?
(Hispanic / Latino in Spanish)

Planning for Life After Treatment
(Adolescent / Young Adult)

The Road Ahead

The Survivorship Journey
(Pacific Islander)

(Arab American)

(Vietnamese American)

Coming Out with Cancer
(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender)

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